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Available in a range of vibrant colors and with superior quality and texture, Audia Elastomers pet toy solutions are great for your business and for your best friend.

The market for safe, durable dog toys continues to grow as changing demographics cause shifts in pet ownership and care trends.  Millennials are leading the way in pet ownership.  That age group alone comprises 35% of all pet owners. As household sizes decrease, more people are treating their pets like family members, including a willingness to spend more on premium and custom offerings for their furry companions. So while these trends mean plenty of opportunity, the competition is tight as companies vie for their piece of the $10 billion dollar annual pet accessory market.  As a result, brand owners must continue to differentiate their products so they stand out from the crowd and meet the high standards of today’s pet owners. 

Customized material solutions allow brand owners to position their products at a range of retail price points from high-end, boutique products to mass market, big box store materials. Audia Elastomers materials feature excellent durability across a range of hardness.  You may need an ultra-soft material for treat balls and a harder grade for tough, bone products. 

Our adhesion technology is best-in-class, meaning we can provide the ultimate in customization - a rigid center and a soft overmold for the best of both worlds.  In addition, our ultra-tough, clear materials allow for unique designs and a wide range of vibrant colors and special effects.  Together we can ensure your products stand out from the competition.

Buyers today maintain a strong preference for products produced in the United States, in large part due to news coverage of questionable material practices overseas.  With multiple manufacturing sites in North America, including our state-of-the-art Elastomers Center of Excellence in Lafayette Georgia, Audia Elastomers is well-positioned to support this trend. Beyond just “Made in the USA,” we also offer materials that are fully NAFTA sourced, FDA compliant, and BPA, phthalate and latex free. Our global manufacturing footprint allows manufacturers the flexibility to produce materials anywhere around the globe with a safe, secure supply base, including FDA-safe materials from our location in Shenzen, China.

Whether you have material specifications in mind, or need a technology partner to help you take your design to the next level, Audia Elastomers is your global partner for innovative pet toy products that will make consumers take notice.


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