In the comfort of home, consumers want housewares that look and feel great. They expect lots of choices and want to feel that their purchases perfectly reflect their own personal tastes. 

So how do you make sure your products pop off the shelf? Audia Elastomers offers materials that deliver cost-effective, easy ways to add the kind of look, feel and value that gets attention.

Adding Value Without Stretching Your Budget

Between custom colors, great bondability, non-slip properties and more, our materials are a perfect fit for your housewares applications. By fully understanding your requirements and listening to your needs, our team will design something to help impress your customers.

Outstanding moldability
Wide range of stiffness (or wide range of rigidity)
Custom colors
Bondable to PS, PP, PC, PET, Nylon, Co-Polyester
Temperatures from -40C to 100C
Dishwasher-safe grades
FDA materials


Choose from one of the many grades we have available, or let us design something just for you.

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