AudiaFlex™ Sustainable TPE

Our newest family of sustainable TPEs. It is comprised of customizable grades which are produced from post-consumer, post-industrial, bio-based, and marine-based sources.


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The AudiaFlex™OP line consists of elastomer materials that include products with up to 45% marine waste and 70% total recycled material content in a wide hardness range from 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A. This line sources its material from beach cleanups, commercial fishing gear, and ocean-bound plastics.

The AudiaFlex™PC line uses post-consumer recyclate with offers of 5-50% PCR content in hardness from 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A. These materials have defined supply sources with consistent color and provide FDA compliance.

The AudiaFlex™PI line is based on post-industrial sources. It incorporates 5-70% post-industrial recyclate (PIR) content and comes in hardness from 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A.

The AudiaFlex™BIO line consists of 5-90% of bio-based content per ASTM D6866. Specific formulations are available for oxo-degradable and compostable applications in hardness from 20 Shore A to 95 Shore A.


Choose from one of the many grades we have available, or let us design something just for you.

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