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You want your design to stand apart. So do we. Overmolding a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material over a rigid substrate is an easy and cost-effective way to do exactly that.

A strong cohesive bond between the two materials will add meaningful value to your end product and ensure it wears well.

At Audia Elastomers, we offer innovative TPE products that bond to a wide variety of resins. Whether you want to expand your product offerings, increase margins or improve ergonomics, we can help.

Let our dedicated team design the ideal solution to meet your specific adhesion needs – and beyond.


  • Improved ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Add value to your end product
  • Hardness ranges from Shore A to Shore D
  • Injection molding and co-extrusion options
  • Clear options available

Not all materials we can bond to are listed but the most common ones are below. Please contact us to check adhesion of our materials to your substrate.

Series PC/ABS  (Polycarbonate & Polar Resins) PA  (Nylon) POM  (Acetal) CoPE  (Copolyester) PMMA*  (Acrylic) PS  (Polystyrene) PP/TPO  (Polypropylene) PE  (Polyethylene) PET  (Polyester)
IQ100           X      
IQ200-299         X   X X  
IQ330 X       X        
IQ350 X                
IQ360   X              
IQ370     X            
IQ390       X         X

* PMMA is bondable by 330 and 350 series.


Choose from one of the many grades we have available, or let us design something just for you.

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