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When your design requires a clear TPE material, Audia Elastomers can help optimize clarity.

Whether you need to achieve transparency, water clarity, contact clarity or translucence, our team will develop a cost-effective thermoplastic elastomer solution to meet your needs.

But what if color is critical to your vision? Our clear materials make colors bolder and more vibrant, so specialty colors are more achievable than ever. All while using less colorant.

At Audia Elastomers, our team is ready to deliver a superior product and unrivaled service. So the choice is clear.


  • Water clear, contact clarity, and translucent grades available
  • Ease of specialty coloring
  • Allows for vibrant colors relative to other elastomers
  • Available in multiple chemistries to facilitate overmolding onto multiple substrates
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Why Clarity?

Clarity can be defined in many ways with four standing out in material and application development.

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Choose from one of the many grades we have available, or let us design something just for you.

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