What do you look for in a TPE supplier?

What is your thought process when looking at new TPE (thermoplastic) suppliers?

Pricing is always upfront but should that always be the most important aspect of choosing a new supplier? What if the lowest price supplier does not have great quality and your scrap rates go up, thus eliminating the cost savings? What if then the supplier does not stand by that material? Cost is always, and will always be critical, but it should not be the only defining characteristic of a great supplier.

So what does a great TPE supplier do, or look like?

  1. Price competitive. Fair pricing and minimum price change.
  2. Stands behind materials. If a quality issue arises the material supplier reacts to correct the issue immediately. Takes responsibility when it is a true material issue.
  3. Involved in new projects from design to part. Provides support and information as requested in a timely manner.
  4. Works with high integrity
  5. Delivers materials on time
  6. Reacts to special needs for materials that are not forecasted.
  7. Partners with customers and cares about their success.

At Audia Elastomers, we base our business on the above “rules”. We want to be different. We want you to look at us as an asset to your company.

We strive to not only be the supplier you turn to but the supplier you want all your suppliers to be like.

We pride ourselves on being there for our customers and being accessible when needed.

We work internally to keep pricing down and to keep pricing changes from happening whenever we can.

We work with OEM’s when needed to help with new projects.
We bring business to customers when presented with that opportunity.

If you are interested in a TPE supplier that puts their customers first and thrive for the positive environment that brings to your business we are ready to help you.

Contact Audia Elastomers and let us help you save cost or fix a quality issue.


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